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Author of the books:
The Promised Woman,
The Uncle From Australia,
The Suitors and many more


Theodore Patrikareas
Playwright, Poet, Journalist
(1930 -2013 )
Born in Skala Laconia, Greece.

He has worked as a journalist 1955,-1987 for Athens dailies and Greek State Radio and Television, as well as a Chief Editor of a number of Ethnic newspapers and broadcaster of Radio Stations in Australia. He has written mainly poetry and theatre. His plays have been produced in Greek and English, in Greece, Australia, Canada, South Africa and elsewhere and were published by a number of Australian Universities. One of his plays, ’The Divided Heart’, was awarded the 2nd Prize of the Greek State Theatre Competition in 1989. ‘The Promised Woman’ was made into an award winning film that represented Australia in the Cannes Film Festival. In 2000, year of Sydney Olympics, it was staged in Opera House Studio Theatre and other theatres in Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle. ‘The Uncle from Australia’ has also been produced on stage in Australia and Greece and for the Greek State Television. He has been a member of PEN International Australia and of a number of other Australian and Greek literary organizations. He has been included in several anthologies and encyclopedias.

Theodore Patrikareas’s first success in theatre came in 1963 with ‘Throw away your harmonica Pepino’, a play directed by Chris Mantourides, at Anzac Theatre in Sydney. This play also won acclaim as an Australian movie, scripted by the author and director Tom Cowan, with world wide distribution, under the title ‘The Promised Woman’ in 1975, when it represented Australia at the Cannes Film Festival. Later, in the year 2000, was put on stage again by Sidetrack Theatre, Don Mamouney director, with a great number of successful performances at Sydney Opera House and three other theatres in Sydney and Canberra, in the same year and in 2001. It has been earmarked as a classic of the Australian Theatre and it was considered as the first attempt ever to portray the immigrants in Australia. 

It has been included in the first volume of the Anthology, ‘Plays of the 60s’, published by Currency Press, along with other plays of three distinguished Australian playwrights, one of which is Nobel winner Patrick White. ‘The Promised Woman’ was also published by RMIT University of Melbourne in the volume ‘Antipodean Trilogy’ containing two other, also successful, plays of Theodore Patrikareas dealing with the migrant situation, namely ‘My Uncle from Australia’ and ‘The Divided Heart’. Uncle from Australia’ was produced for the Greek State Television and also shown on several occasions by other TV stations. ‘The Divided Heart’ won 2nd Prize in the State Theatre Award of the Greek Ministry for Culture in 1989 and 1st Prize of the University of Crete in a performance given by the Australian St. John College Theatre Group, in the Intercultural and Immigration Studies Workshop Festival of the University, in 2001. 

Dozens of reviews, all favorable, have been written on his trilogy of plays which were characterized by the Press as ‘unique in scope and study of 'displacement', both in English and Greek language media during the numerous performances given in commercial theatres and in Theatre Festivals, in Australia, Greece, Canada, South Africa and elsewhere for the last 45 years.


Published Books

Throw Away your Harmonica (1963)

The Uncle from Australia (1964)

The Suitors (1965)

Zorba Teach me to Dance (1988)

The Divided Heart (1990)

The Evil Ones (2000)

The Skeleton in the Cabot (2003)

The Revenge (2006)

The House of the Hungry Ones (2007)


Published Books






Oil paintings



Grain picking

From the Southern Cross


Sonnets 2




On the traces of the Gods
(Rendering to Greek - poems by the Chinese poet Chen Hao Su)

Please note:

Printed texts (in English or in Greek) of the three plays on migrants can be posted free of charge to theatre artistic directors, producers, theatre critics, journalists,
universities, schools and other interested persons and bodies, worldwide.
All rights reserved by the author.

The play ‘The promised Woman’ can only be (re)produced
by previous arrangement with ‘Currency Press’ Publishers, Sydney Australia.


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